Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- His Final Speech

Every year at this time, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and remember the legacy of his heroic and prematurely ended life. We, in recent times, have seen the continuing struggles within the social construct we call “race.”  In the US, our difficulties began with the development of the Americas, and carries over today into how many marginalized populations are spoken to, treated, handled, serviced or cared for. The history of those of African descent brought to the Americas is a lengthy, complex and violent one, with traumas overflowing generationally, into each that next follows.

We would like to remember Dr. King at this time, his work towards equality and peace, and his work to bring to light and to eliminate the barriers of discrimination that were falsely created to deny many of rights and privileges and lives. We hope that his messages will stay in all of our hearts and minds each and every day, and not just on this one. His work, and the issues of social injustices and inequality which still pervade, most definitely have an enormous influence our work at MLI on a daily basis.

In many places, we see parades, festivals, luncheons, church celebrations, marches, and for some, this day is celebrated as an informal or an organized “Day of Service.”

If you are interested in being an individual or a group who participates in this annual service-oriented event, please see: http://www.nationalservice.gov/mlkday2015. If you have another special way that you, your workplace, your family and/or friends celebrate this day, please share it with us and we will post your replies. In honor of Dr. King, we would also like to share an article that ABC News posted.

“Martin Luther King’s Final Speech: ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’ — The Full Text” Along with a video “Don’t know Much about Martin Luther King, Jr.”


To read the full speech and to watch the above, and other streaming videos, here at:



So, how far have we come to fulfill his dream in his final speech? We encourage you to take the following poll and to add your opinion to the discussions that are happening around the world: