Engaging Diverse Families- Diversity Training Program for Early Childhood Educators

Engaging Diverse Families in Early Education Diversity Training

Engaging Diverse Families can be a challenge for any early childhood education center or school. This can be a dynamic and sometimes sensitive issue that needs consistent attention and work.

Diversity occurs at all levels, and is also ever-changing.  Staff and family demographic and cultural variables also change. Are you prepared for these challenges and opportunities to create inclusiveness for all who are involved? We can help you with information and strategies to address some of these issues:

  • Are you needing technical assistance for your organization’s own cultural competency and diversity planning or implementation?
  • Are you struggling with diversity management issues in the areas of human resources, staff, student recruitment or family involvement?
  • Are you needing to build awareness, knowledge or skills in any of these areas relating to cultural competency or diversity?
  • Are you looking for Multicultural or Diversity training for NAEYC/CAEYC accreditations?
  • Are you looking for strategies in order to help you achieve NAEYC’s initiatives around “Engaging Diverse Families” or to celebrate the “Week of the Young Child”? (http://www.naeyc.org/)
  • Lastly, and most importantly, are you looking to create an inclusive and successful learning and care-taking environment for all staff, students and families with whom you work?

MLI’s training programs and technical assistance services are available year-round. They will help your center or school to address these important issues and needs.

We have presented at the CAEYC Annual Conferences, and at multiple early childhood consortia and centers in Connecticut.

If you would like to discuss your center’s needs, and for more information on these services, please contact us. [more]