Other Environment

other-environmentsMLI provides multicultural and diversity education and training to a variety of other individuals and groups to provide them with the information and tools they need in order to foster culturally appropriate, and respectful communications and/or, services or programs, to eliminate inequalities, and to bring about the best possible outcomes or results for all persons.

Through education, we attempt to transform the personal, organizational and environmental factors to promote positive changes.

Please contact us to see what MLI can offer to you or your group in the areas of:

  • Multicultural and Diversity Education and Training
  • Assistance for staff and agencies in meeting needs for credentialing, staff development or other contact hours in areas such as Special Populations, Cultural Competency or Diversity.
  • Technical Assistance on assessing agency or staff needs, establishing a cultural competency committee or cultural competence planning overall.
  • Trainings, conferences or workshops on site and at MLI’s offices in a variety of topics

Please contact us anytime for more information on services, fees and availability.

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