Diverse Consultants Sought for MLI’s Multicultural Trainings and Events

Diverse Consultants Wanted

Diverse consultants are wanted to assist us in our mission! The Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI), Inc. is always looking for a diverse group of dedicated, professional consultants to help deliver statewide trainings, events and/or assist in develop curriculum or other materials in various areas of cultural competency, and for various fields and disciplines. [more].

If you are interested, please read through our website and notice the various areas, topics and fields of our work. Consultants are needed in Connecticut and the surrounding regions. Most work is as-needed, and per-diem, although some projects may have other or extended timelines. We do our best to match clients with the best match for services

If you would like to be considered, send your resume along with a cover letter specifying your interest in MLI, and specifically your areas of contribution and expertise. Please also read MLI’s website content to know about our mission, programs and services. MLI screens all candidates for expertise, professionalism and may require references or samples of work (Please do not send these unless they are requested).

Thank you for your interest in MLI!

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