About the Multicultural Leadership Institute

The Multicultural Leadership Institute, Inc. (MLI) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was established in 1997.

Our Mission is to provide leadership for positive social change through implementing and coordinating multicultural and diversity awareness, education, advocacy, and research programs.

Our vision is to become a regional and national leader in promoting multicultural transformation, impacting individuals, organizations and larger society. We work with issues relating to social justice and disparities in health and many other areas, across diverse and underserved populations.

The Scope of Our Services and Programs

Our current education and training programs and activities address diversity and multiculturalism across a variety of professions and fields. Speaking engagements, training or consultation services may address general cultural competency or specific topics or populations. Curriculum and other materials are tailored to each group’s unique needs.

MLI addresses multiple aspects of culture in our work, and we and use inclusive definitions that acknowledge that individual and group diversity includes (but is not limited to) variables such as ethnicity, age, gender or gender expression, sexual or affectional orientation, language, socioeconomic level, developmental level or ability/disability, spirituality or religion, and HIV status.

Our work promotes anti-discrimination and anti-bias (to eliminate the “isms”) and encourages healthy and positive cross-cultural communications.

We currently partner with a variety of individuals and organizations to help us to carry out our mission and to build the capacity of other organizations and communities, and we always welcome new collaborations.